Our Services


3D Modelling

Since 1980 we have been delivering high quality, accurate shop detailing and modelling for local, national and international clients. We were one of the first companies in Australia to adopt 3D technology for the production of shop detail drawings.

Our 3D modelling services add value and save time on projects through these key benefits:


All members of the design and construction team can clearly visualise the model during the design and detailing stages. This allows any design, construction or safety issues to be highlighted early on in the process, thereby reducing the number of RFI's, rework, and delays on site.

Clash Checking

Our software enables complete clash checking between all elements of the project including civil, structural and MEP. Any clashes can be highlighted and resolved in the model, thus eliminating costly site rectification.


We are able to import and export a range of file formats which enables us to exchange information between all team members during the design and detailing phase. We can also export CNC data for automated cutting and drilling, which improves speed and accuracy during the fabrication stages.

Shop Detailing

With a long history of working closely with steel fabricators, we are aware that accurate, easy to read 2D fabrication drawings are essential for fabrication and erection to run smoothly. We can provide fully detailed assembly drawings and marking plans, and single part details for all fittings. All drawings are linked to the 3D model which means drawings are automatically updated when any design changes are made to the model. This system means that any changes can be dealt with quickly and efficiently so the workshop or erection crew can be confident that they are always working to current information.